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The january monthly letter is already available. 

'We created Vectis to apply our market experience and management expertise in selecting good investments.'

 Alexandre Aoude – CEO Vectis Gestão

Vectis Gestão is the asset management franchise of the Vectis Partners Group. It was established in 2017 by Alexandre Aoude (CEO) and Laercio Boaventura (Portfolio Manager) in order to create innovative and structured credit solutions to meet the needs and interests of companies, creditors and investors.

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We are an investment house whose purpose is to invest in what we believe in, allocating human and capital resources in the opportunities we select. Since our focus is structured credit, the analysis and structuring of transactions is fundamental to the business.

Vectis Juros Real FII

The Fund will invest in real estate projects through the acquisition of Real Estate Receivables Certificates (“CRI”), in addition to Real Estate Credit Notes (“LCI”), Mortgage Bills (“LH”) and other financial assets.

Vectis Juros Real FII will pay monthly income and will seek to be aligned, in the long term, with the national treasury notes indexed to inflation, at an average term similar to the Fund’s portfolio, plus one percent (1%) to three percent (3%) per year. That is, interest at NTN-B + 1 to 3% p.a.



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Monthly Letter

The january monthly letter is already available. Details the VCJR11: the amount of dividends to be paid on 02/11, of R$ 0.87 per share.


Vectis releases its first FII for all investor profiles

VCJR11, now also available to all investor profiles, was featured in an article published by E-Investidor, ESTADÃO’s financial portal. Read the full story in our LinkedIn page.


Vectis enters retail with real estate fund of R$ 581 million

Vectis Gestão launched its first fund for retail investors. Named Vectis Juros Real Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário, it started trading at B3 in January 2020. The fund was distributed exclusively by Itaú on its platform.


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